CHINT was established 38 years ago in 1984 and built from the capital of approximately 8,000 US dollars. With our rapid development these years, CHINT has become the world’s leading intelligent energy solutions provider for the whole industrial chain with the most complete product ranges, from Plant to Plug. In 2021, our annual sales revenue exceeded 16.1 billion dollars and total assets of more than 16.2 billion.

Over two decades of global expansion, our business network covers more than 140 countries and regions worldwide in areas of low-voltage, power transmission and distribution, water, gas and electricity metering, green energy like solar and more. CHINT has more than 40,000 employees worldwide, creating more than 200,000 jobs in the supply chains.

Through market localization by integrating businesses and continuous upgrading, CHINT Global further established its supply chain. This localization has also enabled flexible business models such as smart operating and maintenance, financing, and other integrated technical services for the global market.

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To focus on the development of efficient, reliable, intelligent electrical products and complete sets of equipment, the development of transmission and distribution used to cover the entire chain of electrical storage system solutions for the provision of energy-saving technology, ability

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Taking the opportunity of the integration construction of industrialization and informatization and based on the big data analysis technology, CHINT keeps focus on the automation control system, intelligent monitoring system and system integration service to develop abilities in industrial automation and information systems.tab2

Taking the opportunity of Energy Internet construction and focusing on PV power stations, intelligent micro-grid and distributed power generation, CHINT combines the application of energy storage system to develop the abilities for clean energy power generation, energy conservation and environmental protection 3

Focusing on advanced robots, high-tech materials, measurement and control technology equipment, and high-end energy equipment, CHINT aims to form high-end manufacturing capacity, improve the layout of energy and industrial equipment industry chain, and develop the capability of providing integrated equipment manufacturing 4

Taking the opportunity of intelligent infrastructure construction and the IoT technologies such as sensing, communication, cloud computing platform and big data analysis technology as the core, CHINT will develop the ability to provide intelligent life and intelligent business system solutions by establishing a new intelligent business 5


company 1

Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co., Ltd.

company 2

CHINT Electric Co., Ltd.

company 3

Shanghai CHINT Power Systems Co., Ltd.

company 4

Zhejiang CHINT Cable Co., Ltd.

company 5

Zhejiang CHINT Automotive Technology Company

company 6

NOARK Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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